Hair Salons Glossary an A Through H Guide

a) Start with the basics: Do you have any prior experiencing in the hair industry, either as a stylist or beautician? Have you run or managed a hair salon business before? If your answers to these questions are no, then you need to enrol yourself into a course. It will equip you with the necessary skills to handle the common issues you are likely to encounter. If your financial situation cannot allow you to enrol immediately for a course, you can opt to gain hands on experience on the day-to-day running of the business by getting employment at an already established Hair Salons in Bloomington IN.

b) Business plan: This will help you think analytically while at the same time providing you with a reference point so that you don’t drift too far off during the start up of the salon business.  It will also help you see how different aspects of the business tie together, for example, how the rent you intend to pay will affect the how much you have to charge your clients in order to stay afloat and make profit.

c) Type of hair salon: You could opt to start your own salon or run an already established franchise. If you opt for your own salon, you have to come up with a creative name that will propel you out of the water! A franchise is easier to run because it is an established and well known brand with a steady stream of loyal clientele. The disadvantage of a franchise is, you will have to adhere to a certain set of rules which might be too rigid.

d) Location: It should be at a prime location of the city lik Hair Salons in Bloomington IN, preferably, where people go to do other activities like dining and shopping. It should have an entrance and parking lot that are easily accessible.

e) Finances: Do you have enough money saved to start off or are you going to apply for a loan to cover the deficit? Are you partnering with other people and pooling your resources together? Decide which option best suits your needs.

f) Advertising and promotion: Create a big hype about the grand opening of your hair salon. Put up posters and give out fliers to as many people as possible. Give promotional offers for the opening day, for example, first twenty clients will get 20% discount on services offered.

g) Entertainment and decor: Your customers need to be comfortable and entertained as they wait to be served. The furniture and colours should be warm and inviting, have good music and sound system and interesting magazines to read.

h) Staff: Ensure your beauticians and stylists are properly certified and licensed. Hire extra staff for maintaining cleanliness. Hair salon business requires people to work long hours and weekends. Make sure they agree to this before hiring them.

With the above tips and guide, you should be off to a good start as you venture out in the salon business. All the best!!

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